Taste the Cidre that has everyone talking.



Fresh French Fizz

But it’s not what you think it is.

“Those in search of the ultimate cider sensation need look no further. London-based L’Atypique Cidre has crossed the channel to set the pace for craft cider connoisseurs nationwide.”


Meet James

Cidre supping visionnaire.

At least, that’s what he’s become…

But not long ago James was an everyday Londoner who’d worked in bars and restaurants his entire adult life. From there he’d witnessed the alcoholic beverage market grow and evolve to a point where boutique beers and craft ales had become the holy grail for lovers of hops.

But James, like many of his friends, is more of an apples and pears kinda guy. And on a trip to France, back in 2010, James made a discovery that changed his entire outlook… the result of which is sweeping the nation’s bars and fridges right now…


“I’ve worked in hospitality my whole life. I’ve seen trends come and go. But there’s one thing that’s stuck… and that is boutique beers. Fridges are stacked with ales from all over the world. People travel far and wide to taste them. They even collect them!

But I love cider. As do a lot of my friends. So, what about us?

Well, one such friend suggested I expand my cider education and go exploring… to Normandy!

OK, so Normandy is not the first place you associate with exploring. But this friend knows Normandy’s hidden secrets—and knows me—so he had something a little more exotic in mind… a serious drinking adventure. He suggested I explore the local cidricoles (cider houses).

Not one to shy away from a pub crawl, I accepted the challenge. And it changed everything! I’d landed in a cider drinker’s paradise.


I was amazed by what I found. They were using techniques closer to champagne production. It was a cider sensation. What a fabulous drink. I’d never come across anything like it back home.

I knew instantly that London’s discerning drinkers were crying out for this. After all, the market has changed beyond all recognition with people demanding an increasing variety and quality of beer.

Well, the same goes for cider. People are always looking for something new. Something fresh. Something different. So, I came home on a mission… for the refined fizz of craft cider to compete with the real ale juggernaut.

So I started testing to see if the same could be achieved for craft cider. I set out to taste, test, tweak and taste again… and again (and once again for luck). And finally, after two years of intensive and exhaustive cider supping research and analysis, I perfected my collection…

L’Atypique Craft Cidre was born.”


L’Atypique Craft Cidre

A new style of cider has been introduced to the U.K. What started life in London is now spreading throughout the country.

As diverse and interesting as the anything in the beer market right now, L’Atypique Cidre is bubbly yet refined, with a celebratory depth of flavour created purely through organic and natural processes.

If you can’t find a pub or bar stocking L’Atypique ahead of the trend then you can purchase direct from here online.

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